Simon Simonian decided to launch the brand in 2017, after approximately 4 years of experimentation in the gem and jewellery industry. Simon was born in Saudi Arabia and his love for stones dates back to his childhood, when he would scavenge the desert for peculiar rocks and mineral specimens.

At the age of 9, Simon would work during the summer at a family friend’s workshop who used to set diamonds on watch bezels, initially counting and sorting diamonds. It was at that moment that something clicked. Year after year, the responsibilities towards the business increased and by age 13 he would overlook entire orders and even deliver completed shipments.

After completing high school in Greece in 2010, he decided to study geology in London where he was consumed predominantly by mineralisation and mining geology. After graduating geology with a first-class degree in 2013, Simon was obliged to complete his 9-month military service in the Greek special forces. It was during this time that he decided to complete GIA’s Graduate Gemologist diploma, once again in the heart of London.

GIA was a decisive experience that made the future clear to Simon; gemmology and gemstones would take over. Simon’s thirst for knowledge was not quenched after the completion of his GIA GG, but he had to head back to Beirut where he spent time learning about the intricacies of jewellery manufacturing. In the meantime, stones were continued to be at the forefront of his attention,


Simon’s eagerness to learn more about the processing of materials in the rough form after GIA, led him to India’s Mumbai and Surat, the diamond capitals of the world. It was here that Simon learnt how to evaluate rough diamonds.

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