Welcome to our world

The core values of Simonian lie within the interpretation of a Greek word - “meraki”.

Meraki refers to the undeniable passion and undivided engagement of one’s soul into their craft.

The virtue transcends passion into pure love.

With over a decade of experience within the realms of geology, gemmology and jewellery manufacturing, we are accustomed
solely to the highest standards of service and craftsmanship, whilst emphasising on artisinally mined & ethically sourced materials.

For Simon, the pursuit of beauty has become an approach to life, a philosophy.

A state-of-mind engraved so deep that it has become an innate and intuitive desire.

We witness a reflection of ourselves in each one of our pieces and there is truly no greater satisfaction
than envisioning our pieces adorn you.

Every piece has a story,

but there is one yet to be written;

By You.